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Covid Moving Help - Can I Move House In Tier 1, 2 or 3?

Published on 15 December 2020 at 20:41

Can I Still Move House In Tier 1, 2 and 3?

The country has been thrown into chaos with the covid restrictions imposed by the government to stop the spread of Coronavirus. There are now 3 Tiers with varying restrictions. Our guide will talk you through what you can and can't do.

The good news is whatever tier you are in, you can still move house so that means there is still lots to do.

The latest COVID-19 government guidance, gatherings in order to facilitate moving home are exempt from any limits in all tiers.

The tiers and rules vary depending on which nation you live in,  for example; Scotland has a five tier system in place, where each of the country’s 32 local authorities were given a tier based on risk levels. Tiers are reviewed on a weekly basis.

Wales has recently ended their firebreak lockdown but are still limiting movement and household interaction to contain the spread of the virus.

Northern Ireland imposed another two week ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown from November 27 until December 11 but that is now over and the situation is being monitored.

How do these rules effect your house move during Covid?

You can move house regardless of your local tier. Home buyers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are allowed to move home. The tier restrictions do not stop you doing this.

Also the restrictions to stop you moving into other tier locations do not apply if you need to visit another tier/country to the one you are currently in, in order to move home.

Am I allowed to view a property during the coronavirus pandemic?

Yes you can but please refer to the guidance we have provided to make sure you are clear on the rules.

Tavelling to move home, or going to a property to facilitate a sale, purchase or rental is allowed.

House moves and viewings are permitted in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, subject to social distancing rules.

If you require help of family or friends to move, they should be in your bubble. Government advice is that people outside your household or support bubble should not help with moving house unless absolutely necessary.

Am I allowed to sell my home in the covid pandemic?

Yes you can sell your home during the covid pandemic. If you need to hire an estate agent, you may need to book an appointment to arrange valuation and viewings. Agents will have procedures in place for the current situation. 

To ensure that you are safe when selling your home and conducting viewings there should be no more than 2 households inside the property at any one time. This includes any agent accompanying either party. 

Ensure that all viewings by your estate agent are by appointment only and keep all windows and doors open and clean down all surfaces after each viewing.

Government advises estate agents and potential buyers/tenants on viewings to wear face masks.


Is it safe to hire a removals company during Covid?

Yes, professional removals companies will practice covid safe removals to help you move house safely. Compare quotes from professional removals companies using our quote service to book your house removal during the covid pandemic.


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